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How to effectively add color to your wedding palette

Color palettes and the decisions that follow can be some of the most time-consuming decisions when designing a wedding. Will this look too busy? Can I pick a color that will look good on everyone? What is the right balance? Here are some tips to keep your wedding palette looking timeless.

Color by Tablescapes:

Focus color in the areas that draw the eye in. Oftentimes spaces feel busy and confusing when there is nowhere for the eye to focus. When it comes to event spaces, keeping colors organized can ensure your guests can find their seats faster. The easiest way to do that is to focus on elements of the table. Found a colorful pattern table cloth you love? Great, then try keeping the florals more neutral. Love a bold print? Great! But make sure your table signage contrasts with large lettering to make it easy for your guests.

Color by accents:

There are so many ways to add color to your wedding by incorporating it through the small details. Gold-rimmed china and flatware can create a contrast with table clothes. Colored cardstock for your guests' names at their place settings. And one of the easiest ways: colorful napkins. These little details make a huge impact when guests walk into the space.

Color by Wardrobe:

Always pictured yourself in a blue wedding dress? Or what about your bridesmaids in different shades of purple? Adding different shades and tones to your wedding wardrobe is a great way to add color to your entire wedding day. Your wedding party will be with you for pictures throughout the entire day adding contrast and visual interest everywhere you go.

Quick tips:

  1. Don't overcomplicate your color scheme: Pick colors that actually exist in the real world via fabric samples, linens, and florals. Don't head the paint sample aisle at a local hardware store and expect to replicate the color palette in the real world. This will only give you headaches when picking out florals, decor, and wardrobe with your vendors.

  2. Organize your ideas for color in one place. Print them out and make a collage, pin them to your Pinterest board. Do whatever makes you happy, but keep them in one place where you can see it all together.

  3. Have fun with it! The more you showcase your personality, the more your guests will relate to your wedding palette.

Written by Jamie Newhouse of Island Dreams Event Design on the island Martha's Vineyard.

Photos by Larisa Stinga Photography.

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