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The Art of Design

Owner and founder, Jamie Newhouse's wedding and business launch were published in the latest issue of Martha's Vineyard Island Wedding's Magazine

There are so many questions when planning a wedding: How many tables can I fit? Will these colors go well together? How will the room flow? What will it look like if everyone RSVPs?

I found these questions and more to be quite similar to thoughts I'd be responding to during my career, can we fit more apartments into this building? What should the amenity space look like? What is the overall flow of the building?

In the architecture industry, we'd respond through an intense, iterative design process that was filled with plans, elevations, renderings, and meetings. We'd been trained since day one in college to think through the client's perspective, and always put yourself in their shoes. What would the space feel like to each person experiencing it? When it came time to plan my very own wedding, I found it hard to plan it in any other way: through that same intensive and iterative process of drawing.

These plans, designs, and multi-media images seemed like a natural way to design an event. Most events include movement through multiple spaces, from ceremony to cocktail hour, and finally the reception. Exploring the interactions between these spaces drove my interests in creating my business. Each event is unique in it's parameters and making it flow effortlessly is the goal of each Island Dreams event.

Let's design your next event together. Get in touch today.

Read more about my wedding day and my business launch here.

Read more about my wedding day and my business launch here.

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